entrance-buddhaOver five days in April, retreatants will gather in a tranquil setting 90 miles north of New York City. There, they will find refuge, peace and inner growth, as Rinpoche provides daily dharma teachings, shares practical approaches to daily life and leads meditations designed to instill wellbeing by helping retreatants gain the skills of awareness. Join us.

Discovering the Dharma™ is a retreat series that progresses through all the major topics of Mahayana Buddhism. Through imparting Buddhist teachings and practical approaches to daily life, it transmits a wealth of skills for making one’s life more meaningful.

Compassion & Wisdom: The Dual Pillars of Buddhism

April 29-May 3, 2015
Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York

Equally meaningful for beginners and long-time practitioners, this retreat, designed and led by Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche, focuses on the power of meditation and techniques to unleash that power.

  • Get the tools to develop a consistent daily practice
  • Learn to create positive mental energy that affects all your experiences
  • Discover how to let go of attachments that cause you suffering
  • Develop your innate compassion

There are no prerequisites for this retreat. All are welcome.

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Topics covered
    • The Mind: Foster positive energy
      Observe your mind and how it affects your world. Learn to transform harmful thoughts to create a positive and helpful attitude—which, in turn, creates a positive relationship with all your experiences.
    • Mental Purification: Uncover attachments and learn to let go
      We all have the potential to cause suffering—for ourselves and for others. Engage in a critical assessment of how attachment acts as an obstacle to happiness and learn how to let go, engaging in profound meditation practices such as “exchanging self with others,” that transform the energy of attachment into the root of happiness.
    • Compassion and Bodhicitta: Cultivate and Integrate These Essential Qualities
      Discover practices that develop your innate qualities of compassion, and learn to use them to generate the mind of bodhicitta.
    • Daily Practice: Establish Consistency and Acquire the Skills to be Successful
      Assemble the tools you need to develop a successful daily practice and receive the elements necessary to open your mind and develop wisdom through insight. Get some tips for making every action meaningful.
Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche and Kenchen Rinpoche
Retreat Specifics
Daily Schedule: We begin each day with walking meditation prior to breakfast. Twice daily teachings lead to both guided and silent meditations. There is time in each day for personal reflection, reading or exploring the surroundings. Evenings bring another walking meditation and dinner, followed by a sitting meditation session. The day ends with small group discussions, exploring the topics covered throughout the retreat.

New Retreatants: Beginning meditators are invited to a half-day pre-session on the techniques of calming meditation.

Check-in: Check-in begins at 3 pm on April 29, with dinner from 6-7 and the first session at 7. The retreat ends at noon on May 3, followed by lunch. Retreatants must leave by 3 pm. Early arrivals and late departures may be arranged in advance with the Garrison; any additional overnights will incur an additional fee.

Accommodations: The Garrison Institute offers single, double and triple/quadruple rooms, with prices varying accordingly. There are also nearby campgrounds, as well as other rooming options.

Transportation: The Garrison is easily accessible by car, bus or train. It is 90 miles north of Manhattan, and one mile from the Garrison Train Station. For directions and further information on transportation, click here.

Scholarships: Dharmakaya offers a limited number of tuition discounts for students in financial need. Please contact Gary Wheaton at retreatus@dharmakaya.org to learn more. The Garrison Institute also offers various scholarship programs, including a discount for students of Himalayan Heritage. Please apply directly.

Meaning of Abbreviations

* The following day is a missing or a double date accroding to Tibetan calendar.
BA Amitabha Buddha Day
BD Baden: unfavourable for putting up flags
BM Medicine Buddha Day
BS Shakyamuni Buddha Day
DP Dharmapala Day
LD Ludok: unfavourable for Naga Offering
LT Luthep: favourable for Naga Offering
ME Moon Eclipse: great day for accumulation of merit
NG Ngenpa Guzom: unfavourable for new project, e.g. gathering, inauguration
NN Nyinag: unfavourable for new project, e.g. marriage, inauguration
SE Sun Eclipse: a greater day for accumulation of merit
SN Shakngen: unfavourable for new project, e.g. marriage, inauguration
TN Tashi Nyima: auspicious day in a general sense
YK Yenkong: unfavourable for new project, e.g. marriage, inauguration
ZC Zangpo Chuzom: auspicious day, good for gathering

Duchen great anniversaries, special days of Buddha Shakyamuni, etc., good for accumulating merits.
Tsezang good days for accumulating merits
Naga Powerful long-lived serpent-like beings who inhabit in water, guard great treasure. Some great protectors of the Dharma are nagas such as Eight Major Nagas.