On a beautifully wooded hillside in the village of Cragsmoor, New York, the Milarepa Center will be dedicated to training and worship in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition. With short-term retreats for individuals and groups, and traditional longer-term retreats for dedicated practitioners, it will be a place for the transmission of ancient Buddhist teachings in ways that are responsive to a 21st Century way of life.

The Center is the vision of Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche PhD. His goal is to pass on the deep teachings of the tradition and to share them with students at all levels—from beginners to those desiring to deepen their understanding of traditional Buddhist practices through long retreats.
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In Buddhism, worship is an integrated practice involving both mind and body. Physical wellbeing sets the foundation for successful meditation, which in turn enables practitioners to gain clarity of mind and, ultimately, wisdom.

The primary purpose of the Milarepa Center is to offer a place of quiet where serious practitioners can accomplish the traditional Buddhist retreat of three years, three months and three days. To provide the necessary training for longer-term retreats, it will offer short-term retreats and a learning center with instruction for those with varying time constraints and abilities.

Help Build the Milarepa Center

Join us in building this Center where teachings in Vajrayana Buddhism will be the center of life, and people at all levels of interest can find peace. We are blessed with a $2.5 million matching fund, so every dollar you give is doubled.

The Milarepa Center is the first part of a larger project: The Mahamudra Hermitage. When completed, the complex will comprise 15 buildings, all dedicated to the study and pursuit of Buddhist practice and meditation. A 27-acre buffer and conservation easement will surround the buildings. There will be extensive landscaping in developed areas and quiet walking trails will leave much of the forest undisturbed. All buildings will be designed to harmonize with the area’s natural beauty and will incorporate the latest sustainable and energy-saving techniques.

Milarepa Center