Buddhist monk finds Google, Facebook might hold the key to eternal happiness

Rinpoche paid visits to Google and Facebook last week, accompanied by Mercury News columnist Mike Cassidy. Cassidy's article describes not the explosive culture clash he had feared, but a meeting—and opening—of minds. To see a PDF of the article, please click: MercuryNews_opt Because the PDF is difficult to read in some parts, we are including the full text here:   MOUNTAIN VIEW -- As I drove to the Googleplex to meet Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche, I was pretty sure I was headed to that place where ... Read more

Got a Sec? Mindfulness as Simple as 1-2-3.

RINPOCHE TELLS OPENING SESSION AT VIRGINIA TECH CONFERENCE ON CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICES BLACKSBURG, VA.— Delivering the keynote speech at an academic conference on meditation, Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche Ph.D. told attendees people could transform their lives by using the Three Moment Method™ to anchor their minds in the present and avoid constant distractions. “How much better would our lives be if we could gain control of our minds, if our minds were not enslaved by all of the information and distractions,” Rinpoche said during a nearly ... Read more
Meaning of Abbreviations

* The following day is a missing or a double date accroding to Tibetan calendar.
BA Amitabha Buddha Day
BD Baden: unfavourable for putting up flags
BM Medicine Buddha Day
BS Shakyamuni Buddha Day
DP Dharmapala Day
LD Ludok: unfavourable for Naga Offering
LT Luthep: favourable for Naga Offering
ME Moon Eclipse: great day for accumulation of merit
NG Ngenpa Guzom: unfavourable for new project, e.g. gathering, inauguration
NN Nyinag: unfavourable for new project, e.g. marriage, inauguration
SE Sun Eclipse: a greater day for accumulation of merit
SN Shakngen: unfavourable for new project, e.g. marriage, inauguration
TN Tashi Nyima: auspicious day in a general sense
YK Yenkong: unfavourable for new project, e.g. marriage, inauguration
ZC Zangpo Chuzom: auspicious day, good for gathering

Duchen great anniversaries, special days of Buddha Shakyamuni, etc., good for accumulating merits.
Tsezang good days for accumulating merits
Naga Powerful long-lived serpent-like beings who inhabit in water, guard great treasure. Some great protectors of the Dharma are nagas such as Eight Major Nagas.