Celebration Charity Dinner provides guests truly meaningful evening

On June 28, 2014, two hundred and fifty guests—from China and Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia, and, of course, Malaysia—gathered at the Empire Hotel, Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a celebration charity dinner in honor of Rinpoche and the work of the Dharmakaya Organization.

Although all the guests are new to Vajrayana Buddhism and most had never met Rinpoche, ticket sales were brisk, with the normal tables selling out in just ten days.

The elegant dinner began with a welcome speech from the organizer, Benjamin Yong. Rinpoche then spoke, welcoming the guests, providing a Dharma talk on Guided Meditation and then leading a five-minute meditation. Sherab Wong translated his words into Chinese. The dinner ended with a special blessing.

This was the first time most of the guests had attended a charity dinner that was so truly meaningful; all were impressed.

As a special addition, two rare items were auctioned. This money, along with the generous ticket purchases and other donations brought the total raised to $1.17 million. Much is dedicated to the Stupa at the Lumbini Center for World Peace—the Apex Vijaya of Mahabodhi with 13 Great Bhumis; the rest will help support the Milarepa Center.

Congratulations and much gratitude to the Yong Pang Chuan Family, who invited all the guests, and organizers Mr. Yong, Yong Pang Chaun Holdings Sdn. Bhd, and all the Malaysia team members.