Rinpoche on Rebuilding the Trungram Monastery

Dear friends and students,

Much to my delight, I have found that the time for rebuilding the Trungram Monastery is ripe now.

For the purpose of preserving the teachings, providing traditional monastic training for the monks, and continuing spiritual benefits for all believers, venerable reincarnate tulkus, monks, and the lay followers of the Trungram Monastery in Eastern Tibet unanimously agreed on the importance of rebuilding the monastery.

The need of the rebuilding became even more obvious after the recent devastating earthquake of the nearby town of Yushu. After years of good wishes, commitments, and preparations, including obtaining permit, designs, and other logistic considerations, the members of the Trungram Monastery of Tibet, along with many devotees and supporters of the Buddha Dharma in general and of this teaching lineage in particular are putting their single pointed efforts into rebuilding it at the earliest possible time.

I am very glad to share the news with all of you that the Trungram Monastery in Eastern Tibet is starting its rebuilding this May. As it is an important place which fulfills religious, cultural, and spiritual needs for many, it is a meaningful project. It provides a great merit-field now for all of you and a great wisdom light in the future.

I send my prayers and wishes that the project be successful, be completed in a short time, and remain for a long time for the benefit of all sentient beings.

With my love and prayers,

Trungram Gyaltrul,
The World Center for Peace and Unity,
UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lumbini, Nepal