Rinpoche’s Teaching Tour – Enlightened Attitudes

This fall H.E. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche toured several U.S. cities from late September to late October giving empowerments, programs, and public teachings on “Enlightened Attitudes.” Rinpoche traveled first to Miami, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas with a final program in New York City.

“Enlightened Attitude” is sometimes used as a translation of the Sanskrit word Bodhichitta. Rinpoche’s talks focused on the particular attitudes of Bodhisattvas toward the world, self and others. Rinpoche’s talks outlined an enlightened outlook that aspirants can emulate. He also offered ways for ordinary people to understand and view great beings that live among us and act out great, and possibly inconceivable deeds of love and compassion.

With exceptional clarity and insight into the key attitudes such beings carry, Rinpoche’s talks have in fact drawn an outline of the mentality that Mahayana aspirants can emulate, as well as particular ways for ordinary people to understand and view higher practitioners who are mixed among us and yet acting out great and possibly inconceivable deeds of love and compassion.

Rinpoche’s tireless journey fulfilled manifold purposes, as reported by volunteer organizers at each location.

From Miami, Florida, Ismael reports:

Rinpoche visited Miami, Florida at the end of September 2011 as the first stop of the U.S. tour. Rinpoche gave us a talk about “Enlightened Attitudes” and an empowerment in Amitabha Buddha. Approximately 50 people attended both events. The attendees were very happy and thankful with the events and Rinpoche’s visit. The audience was amazed by Rinpoche’s ability to explain complex things in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Rinpoche also joined the Dharmakaya Miami Group meditation on Tuesday evening to support the group and gave us guidelines, advice, and excellent explanations about karma, the 8 consciousnesses and Tantrayana and Sutrayana Buddhism. We are very grateful to Rinpoche for all the blessings, joy and happiness that he brought to us in Miami.

Rinpoche next traveled to San Francisco. His Enlightened Attitudes talk was held at San Francisco State University and organized by the San Francisco Dharmakaya Center. Rinpoche also gave an Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) teaching and Empowerment organized by the California Sherpa Association:

The “Enlightened Attitudes” event went very well in San Francisco, and people really appreciated Rinpoche’s teaching on Saturday, Oct. 1. Many attendees felt they received very timely advice from Rinpoche. The California Sherpa Association hosted an Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) empowerment on the following Sunday, Oct. 2nd. This is the first time that the association hosted an empowerment event ever! Sherpa people were very grateful, and thanked Rinpoche for bestowing the empowerment in both English and Nepali so that they could better understand Dharma in their native language. Their wish is to invite Rinpoche periodically, and believe more people will benefit if it’s not during the Nepali New Year. Even so there were approximately 70 people this time.

From San Francisco, Rinpoche flew to Seattle. His Enlightened Attitudes talk, as well as an Amitabha Empowerment with teaching and guided meditation were held at the Sakya Monastery. The programs were organized by Helmut and the Seattle Dharmakaya Center:

Rinpoche came to Seattle in the second week of October on his “Enlightened Attitudes” tour. He gave an Amitabha empowerment on Saturday the 8th, and his Dharma talk on Sunday the 9th. Both events were well attended and much appreciated by all the participants. On the following Monday and Tuesday, Rinpoche generously gave his time over to private audiences with people who had further questions about Buddhism and life in general. We are all very grateful to Rinpoche for his tireless work for the benefit of all beings and the extraordinary impact he has on those who are touched by his life.

Next stop was Las Vegas where his talk was held at the Yoga Sanctuary. From Peter and Borman, event organizers of the Las Vegas Dharmakaya Center:

On Friday, October 14th, Rinpoche blessed the Las Vegas Valley with his third public teaching. Amidst the flickering candlelight of the Yoga Sanctuary Studio, 65 students gathered in an energy of calm, happy serenity to hear about cultivating Enlightened Attitudes. As Rinpoche sat on a cushion, on an elevated stage, he shared the wisdom of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas. He taught that Enlightened Attitudes guide us to understanding; he shared the importance of, and manner by which, courage and effort can lead each of us to happiness and enlightenment, to the full realization of our potentialities along a path that benefits all sentient beings. With an air of compassion, carefree dignity, and simplicity, Rinpoche spoke to the hearts and minds of all in attendance. Then, to seal the blessings of the teaching, Rinpoche guided us in meditation. It was an extraordinary evening.

Rinpoche ended the tour on October 20th with his talk at Pace University in NYC. There were over 90 attendees, many of whom were meeting Rinpoche for the first time. This Dharmakaya sponsored event was only Rinpoche’s second fully public appearance in the city.

Pace University is close to Ground Zero, as well as near where the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters were camping out. As evidenced by their questions, some in the audience were trying to relate the path to enlightenment to the everyday troubles in the social political landscape.

Keeping focus on enlightened attitudes, Rinpoche stressed that wisdom is not just helping, but knowing the timing and manner in which the help is given. Rinpoche offered a glimpse into what is possible for everyone once fully equipped with wisdom, courage, compassion, ardor and focus.

In a world that is increasingly complex and fast moving, the only truly sensible way to approach happiness for all is to gain and apply enlightened attitudes, as Rinpoche outlined.