Cornerstone Blessing for the Milarepa Center

On July 25th at 10:00 in the morning, an auspicious day and time chosen by Rinpoche, a small group gathered at the top of the retreat center land to bless the soon-to-be start of construction for the four new buildings of the Milarepa Center. Two stones—one marked 2014 for the Gregorian year, one marked 2557 for the Buddha era—were propped before an altar. These were the cornerstones of the new building, which the members of Dharmakaya and Cragsmoor neighbors had come ... Read more

Milarepa Center: Construction Update, June 2014

Since site work began last summer, much progress has been made, building roads, laying pipes and engineering drainage systems. Everything is now ready to begin construction of the Milarepa Center itself. Read more

Rinpoche Visits Prominent Buddhist Centers in Taiwan

The months of November and December, 2013 took H.E.Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche to Taiwan to conduct annual dharma activities. While there, he gave empowerments, led meditation courses and visited two major Buddhist centers: Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) and Fo Guang Shan. His first visit was to Dharma Drum Mountain, where Rinpoche returned on November 27 after an absence of nearly two years. Accompanied by a dozen disciples, he first met with Abbot Master Guo Dong. After casual conversation and an exchange of gifts, ... Read more

Milarepa Center Construction: Four Months of Progress

Since the Groundbreaking Ceremony on July 18, 2013 much headway has been made on the new Milarepa Center. Land has been cleared, pipes laid and 1800 feet of roadway graded. See the progress unfold in the video below.   Read more

Amitayu Empowerment & Dharma Talk on Boddhichitta

Dear Dharma Friends, We are happy to announce that Venerable Khenchen Rinpoche will be giving 2 programs: Amitayu Empowerment and a talk on Bodhichitta. The programs will be on Sunday, October 6th beginning at 1:30 pm and will be held at Shakti Yoga & Living Arts in Maplewood, NJ (a 40 minute train ride from NYC). PROGRAM: Sunday, October 6 1:30-3:30 pm   Amitayu Empowerment 5:00-7:00 pm   Talk on Bodhichitta Venerable Khenchen Trinley Paljor Rinpoche is one of the chief lineage holders of the Karma Kagyu school of ... Read more

Milarepa Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

CRAGSMOOR, N.Y—On a glorious summer day, an enthusiastic crowd gathered atop a hill to break ground for Dharmakaya's new Milarepa Center, a place to learn well-being through the skills of awareness. The ceremony began with a Tibetan prayer by Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of Dharmakaya, and Khenchen Rinpoche, Resident Teacher at the Dharmakaya Retreat Center and a chief lineage holder of the Kagyu school. Its message: to ensure that everything about the Center will be favorable to create health and harmony ... Read more

Non-profit Breaks Ground for Meditation Center in Cragsmoor, NY

CRAGSMOOR, N.Y.—Capping 9 years of planning, community consultation, and government approvals, Dharmakaya will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on July 18 for its new residential meditation center. The ceremony—which will be held from 10 am to noon, on Thursday, July 18—marks the beginning of site work and construction of the Milarepa Center which is set on a 90 acre property in Cragsmoor. When complete, the Milarepa Center will consist of four buildings with a meditation and teaching hall,  practice rooms,  dorm rooms,  a kitchen,  ... Read more

Discovering the Dharma 2013

From June 22 to June 27, 2013, Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche led forty retreatants in Discovering the Dharma. In part two in this ongoing retreat series, his teachings explained how all things are connected and conditional; karma, and the law of actions and consequences; and the real nature of cyclical existence. Rinpoche also explained analytic meditation, a key skill in breaking through pre-existing concepts and creating the right conditions to experience emptiness. In addition to receiving teachings, retreatants engaged in daily ... Read more

Buddhist monk finds Google, Facebook might hold the key to eternal happiness

Rinpoche paid visits to Google and Facebook last week, accompanied by Mercury News columnist Mike Cassidy. Cassidy's article describes not the explosive culture clash he had feared, but a meeting—and opening—of minds. To see a PDF of the article, please click: MercuryNews_opt Because the PDF is difficult to read in some parts, we are including the full text here:   MOUNTAIN VIEW -- As I drove to the Googleplex to meet Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche, I was pretty sure I was headed to that place where ... Read more

Got a Sec? Mindfulness as Simple as 1-2-3.

RINPOCHE TELLS OPENING SESSION AT VIRGINIA TECH CONFERENCE ON CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICES BLACKSBURG, VA.— Delivering the keynote speech at an academic conference on meditation, Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche Ph.D. told attendees people could transform their lives by using the Three Moment Method™ to anchor their minds in the present and avoid constant distractions. “How much better would our lives be if we could gain control of our minds, if our minds were not enslaved by all of the information and distractions,” Rinpoche said during a nearly ... Read more
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