Keeping Orphans out of Slavery

Rinpoche wrote this piece for the Huffington Post, where he is chronicling the relief efforts in Nepal. Please visit that site to read the complete post. When I was in Asia in April, I was inspired to start an educational foundation. I founded a school in Nepal 25 years ago, the Trungram International Academy, which teaches over 400 students a year, and I wanted to extend that opportunity to more children. I spoke to some people about becoming founders of this new ... Read more

It takes courage to help others

Rinpoche wrote this piece for the Huffington Post, where he is chronicling the relief efforts in Nepal. Please visit that site to read the original.    Sometimes it seems like when you are trying to do the most good, you face the most difficulties. Last Friday, Nepal had a third earthquake. This one registered 5.7 magnitude. After the first 7.8 mw earthquake, our volunteers, including monks and nuns from my monastery just outside Kathmandu, visited remote villages, bringing medical aid, food and comfort to ... Read more

Compassion & Wisdom Retreat

MAY 3, 2015. GARRISON, NEW YORK. The Garrison Institute was in the full bloom of spring as over 40 retreatants met to learn about Compassion and Wisdom: The Dual Pillars of Buddhism. Each morning began with a walking meditation through the garden overlooking the banks of the Hudson, setting the tone for a day of Rinpoche’s teachings bracketed by silent and guided meditations. The curriculum began with the tools necessary to develop a consistent daily practice, moved through techniques to create positive mental energy and let go of the attachments ... Read more

Orphaned children urgently need help

One week has passed since the 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, and the world’s attention is drifting on toward other international events. Yet, for the people of Nepal, this is just the beginning. The death toll continues to rise, even as rescue teams keep digging in the rubble for survivors. People continue to live in terror and, often, without help. Most heartbreaking—and most vulnerable—of these are the orphans and other disenfranchised children.   A million children are in immediate danger Rinpoche is deeply concerned about ... Read more

Relief fund for the people of Nepal

Our sister organization, the United Trungram Buddhist Foundation (UTBF) has established the Buddhist Relief Services Fund, with the express purpose of supplying emergency aid now, then supporting the rebuilding efforts in the coming months. In the following letter, Rinpoche asks for everyone's support.   With the disastrous earthquake measuring 7.8 or 8.1 Mw, occurring at 11:56 NST on 25 April, Nepal, the nation known for Never-Ending Peace and Love, has now become a nation of extreme suffering, beset by casualties, death and destruction. People of Nepal, ... Read more

Rinpoche Travels Through Asia

Rinpoche spent the months of December 2014 and January 2015 traveling through Asia, meeting with disciples and offering teachings and empowerments to many hundreds of people. After a stay in Hong Kong, during which he gave an inspirational two-day teaching, including a Milarepa Empowerment and puja, Rinpoche went on to Taipei. There, on December 27 he gave a Dharma teaching and Thousand Arm Avalokiteshvara empowerment in Liberty Square. More than 200 people were in attendance, twenty of whom took refuge ... Read more

Discovering the Dharma 2014

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014. GARRISON, NEW YORK. In a magical setting on the banks of the Hudson River, retreatants spent six transformative days Discovering the Dharma. Each morning began with a walking meditation through the gardens, under the bamboo branches, setting the tone for a day of Rinpoche’s teachings bracketed by silent and guided meditations. The curriculum detailed the steps on the path to enlightenment—from the stages along the path to the practices and meditations critical at each juncture. Rinpoche provided additional ... Read more

Rinpoche addresses insurance salesmen on achieving resilience in the face of stress

On July 3, 2014 Taiwan’s Mercury Insurance Company invited Rinpoche to speak to a meeting of more than 700 of their sales agents. The topic: how to remain resilient in the face of stress. These agents’ jobs are inherently stressful; that is a given. But by cultivating awareness, Rinpoche taught, they can be better able to deal with the stress. Rinpoche went on to share the Three Moment Method™ as a technique they can use in their work and in their ... Read more

Celebration Charity Dinner provides guests truly meaningful evening

On June 28, 2014, two hundred and fifty guests—from China and Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia, and, of course, Malaysia—gathered at the Empire Hotel, Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a celebration charity dinner in honor of Rinpoche and the work of the Dharmakaya Organization. Although all the guests are new to Vajrayana Buddhism and most had never met Rinpoche, ticket sales were brisk, with the normal tables selling out in just ten days. The elegant dinner began with a welcome ... Read more

Gala dinner in Hong Kong raises essential funds for the Milarepa Center

The sign read: Dharma Flourishing Dinner: Continuing the Legacy of Centuries of Meditation Lineage. It was Hong Kong’s second gala dinner in support of the Milarepa Center, held June 21, 2014, and its purpose and spirit were captured in Rinpoche's speech. Organizing Committee! Distinguished Guests! Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to this important night. It is a great pleasure for me to be with all of you this evening. I see so many of you again from last year and I also see ... Read more
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