What Does A Hat Have To Do With Karma?

What Does A Hat Have To Do With Karma?

By Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche, Ph.D. A woman buys a fancy hat and then returns it a few days later for a refund. Is this moral? That’s crazy, you say. As long as the woman has a receipt, there’s been no damage to the item and the store policy permits it, what does morality have to do with returning a hat? Potentially plenty. To Buddhists, very few actions—even the seemingly innocent act of getting a refund—are ever without consequence. The reason lies in something that we ... Read more

An Interview with Rinpoche at Virgina Tech University: Meditation and the West

Interview with Rinpoche at Virginia Tech   Read more

Joyful 2012 – Two Discovering the Dharma Retreats

Report from Retreat One, May 25 to May 30, 2012 At a time when so much of the world is in conflict and confusion, the second edition of Retreat 1 in the Discovering the Dharma series provided a warm environment for cultivating the wellness of all sentient beings by deepening our understanding and practice of Buddhadharma. For five days we were skillfully introduced into many aspects of beginning daily practice by H.E. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche. During this time, the Venerable Khenchen Rinpoche ... Read more

Rinpoche on Rebuilding the Trungram Monastery

Dear friends and students, Much to my delight, I have found that the time for rebuilding the Trungram Monastery is ripe now. For the purpose of preserving the teachings, providing traditional monastic training for the monks, and continuing spiritual benefits for all believers, venerable reincarnate tulkus, monks, and the lay followers of the Trungram Monastery in Eastern Tibet unanimously agreed on the importance of rebuilding the monastery. The need of the rebuilding became even more obvious after the recent devastating earthquake of the nearby ... Read more

Rinpoche’s Teaching Tour – Enlightened Attitudes

This fall H.E. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche toured several U.S. cities from late September to late October giving empowerments, programs, and public teachings on "Enlightened Attitudes." Rinpoche traveled first to Miami, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas with a final program in New York City. "Enlightened Attitude" is sometimes used as a translation of the Sanskrit word Bodhichitta. Rinpoche's talks focused on the particular attitudes of Bodhisattvas toward the world, self and others. Rinpoche's talks outlined an enlightened outlook that aspirants can ... Read more

Lumbini’s World Center for Peace Hailed as an Eco-Monastery

Lumbini, Nepal -- On April 4, 2011 The Lumbini Udyama Mahachaitya, World Center for Peace and Unity opened in a grand ceremony attended by people from across Nepal and around the world. Ambassadors and high lamas joined local government officials and disciples to celebrate the achievement. Teh largest temple in Lumbini, the Center is unique in being open to masters of all Buddhist traditions and their students. It is also unique in its 'green' design. This eco-design caught the attention of ... Read more

Rinpoche to Preside over the Opening Ceremony of World Center for Peace and Unity

LUMBINI, Nepal, March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ On April 4, 2011, Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche (Buddhist Master and Harvard Ph.D.) will preside over the grand opening of Lumbini Udyana Mahachaitya -- World Center for Peace and Unity, built as part of the international Lumbini Development Project in Nepal. Read the archive of the full article (PDF file) EDITORIAL NOTE: This article received wide coverage on more than 87 sites, including CNBC, Herald Online, some environmental and technology sites, spawning related reports. Read more

Lama teaches Tibetan anger management

Vancouver Canada—As reported in the Vancouver Sun, Rinpoche teaches workshop attendees how to tame the drunken elephant that is their minds. Awareness is the key. "The moment you realize it's attacking you, that it's not part of you actually, then that anger becomes much weaker. It becomes hollow. It's still there but it's not really that full of volume." Read the full article here: Lama teaches Tibetan anger management | The Vancouver Sun Read more
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